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Workers Comp Injury

Do you have an On-the-Job Injury or Worker’s Comp Claim?

Late Hours Urgent Care can help. Our team is qualified to treat any work-related injuries in a timely manner and we accept all worker’s compensation carriers.

If you need to be seen by a provider about an accident or injury that happened on the job and aren’t sure where to turn for worker’s compensation, our clinic is your answer. We provide anything you need, from immediate care to making sure your paperwork is properly documented.

What You Will Need When You come in for a Worker’s Compensation Injury:

  • First, notify your supervisor about the injury and the way in which it occurred as soon as possible.
  • Obtain company name, phone number and a claim number if available.
  • We will need your supervisor’s name and number.
  • Also, please bring in your photo identification.
  • Please note: An injured employee who fails to inform his or her employer, in writing, within 30 days of the accident occurrence, may lose the right to worker’s compensation benefits.

Why is Getting Worker’s Comp Care Such a Tough Job?

Many primary care providers refuse to handle worker’s compensation issues due to liability factors and difficulties in receiving payment. There is no reason to worry about this problem with Late Hours Urgent Care, we can help in numerous ways including:

  • We can help you get your claim paid as long as we get a claim number from your employer.
  • We offer drug screening that sends results directly to your employer.
  • We offer help with wounds, fractures and laceration repair.
  • We offer Tetanus shots for any accidents that happen on the job and involve rusty metal that might cause infection.
  • We suture wounds less than 12 hours old unless tendons or other major connective tissues are involved.
  • We provide temporary casting and splinting for broken bones so that you can go to an orthopedic appointment up to a week later; saving you time and helping you recover immediately.
  • We tell you how to respond correctly to your injury and provide a thorough evaluation to let you know exactly when to return to work.

Late Hours Urgent Care for Worker’s Compensation Visits

At Late Hours Urgent Care, we understand the impact an injury has on both the employee and the employer. Allow us to help you recover if you are injured on the job.