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Weight Management Program

A Customized Weight Management Program to Find the New You!

Are you frustrated by weight management, and can’t seem to find the answer? Very few people can find maximum health and happiness when they are frustrated about their weight. If your body image is close to your heart and the perception of who you are, then Late Hours Urgent Care can help you start the path toward a healthier life.

Can Late Hours Urgent Care Help You Get Back to The Real You?

If historically you’ve had a lot of trouble achieving your goals—or you have felt for a long time like things are completely hopeless—stop worrying and do something about it today. Late Hours Urgent Care is able to listen to exactly what the patient wants and needs, and can match our care with your vision. We look for key “triggers” that may cause an unhealthy lifestyle and figure out a plan for how each patient can help themselves achieve their health goals in a fast and efficient manner.

How Can We Help You Lose Those Extra Pounds?

We Provide:

  • Consultations to assess where your health is today and what your goals are for the future.
  • Different treatment plans for men and women are available, and we will take your unique characteristics into account while formatting a personal plan for better health.
  • We will use a wide variety of approaches to weight management to determine the best cause of treatment.
  • Blood work, if necessary, can help determine the extra help you may need to help your body for the long-term.
  • Calorie count will help you track all of the progress you make on a daily basis and provide insight into future evaluation of how far you can go.
  • Ongoing consultations and weekly progress reports will show you first hand how your hard work has paid off.
  • B12 shots and prescriptions for medication.
  • EKG can help ensure that you have a healthy cardiovascular system and heart.

If you are up for the challenge and committed to sustaining a long-term healthy lifestyle, we can provide the best possible support for your journey.

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